Do you offer affordable full service bookkeeping?

Yes, we most certainly do offer full service bookkeeping at a price that you can afford. Our hourly rate is a fraction  of what you would pay at the accountants office.

Do I need to get a Federal Tax ID Number (FEIN)?

It is a good idea to get a Federal Tax ID Number for a couple of reasons;

  • You don’t want to give your social security number to everyone you do business with. Having a tax ID number protects your social security number. With all of the identity theft these days you should protect you Social Security number.
  • Makes your business more professional to potential customers and vendors alike.

How do I obtain a Federal Tax ID Number?

This is easy to do click the IRS link  and get started now. FEIN Online Application

How do I obtain a State Tax ID Number?

Go to State Online Application and search for your state and fill out the application for your ID number. Many states have electronic applications now.

What Software do you use to keep our books?

We use Quick Books here at Alison Lawlor Bookkeeping. We find that it is easy to use and provides all of the services a small business needs. It is reliable and gives us a concise account of your business. Quick Books is a respected and reliable program that makes it perfect for your business too. Your Data File can be easily exported to your accountant at year end.

Do I need to Start my Books at the beginning of the year?

Yes, unless you incorporated and chose a different fiscal year we would start you there. We can help you get caught up no matter what time of year you join us. We can start wherever you would like us to. We have no problem starting at the beginning of last year if you need us to. We are flexible depending on your needs.

What kind of information do you need to get me started?

We will give you a checklist to make your information gathering easy but here are some of the things you will need; bank statements, credit card statements, loan docs or statements, values of fixed assets that your business owns and Tax ID Numbers Federal and State, state unemployment and disability rates if you have them, work comp rates, & payroll information, wage garnishment paperwork and coupons, cash receipts, outstanding bills etc. You gather the information and we do the work. Its not as complicated as you may think. Once the big work is done you are on your way. No more stressing about needing to get caught up.

Do you have forms that will help me record my start up costs?

Yes, we have forms that will help you record all of the very important start up information. It is crucial that you keep receipts for all of your start up costs. This is the equity that you have in your business and it is very important to record it carefully. Keep all of your receipts in the same place, a folder, a large envelope, file box, or bag. What ever is most convenient for you. Fill out the form or we can help you just be sure to keep your receipts.

Should I be paying cash for the supplies I purchase?

Do not get into the habit of paying cash for supplies or paying your people. You should open a checking account and maybe a PayPal account to purchase supplies and pay bills. It is easier to keep track of your expenses from your bank statements. (although for tax purposes you need to save your receipts). It is easy to loose cash receipts and you would be out the tax deduction if you cannot prove you made the purchase. Plus you have some recourse in case your vendor didn’t record your cash payment properly. You have a transaction that can be traced if you make your purchases from a checking or credit card account. This is called a paper trail and you need to have one.

Do you offer payroll services?

Yes we offer full payroll services through our website at Payroll can be done simply in just 5 clicks. Amazing right? We have the easiest payroll system available, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional you can do your payroll, create reports, returns, and W-2’s in minutes. If you would rather have us do this for you we would be happy to help you so you can do more important things. You are always in control.